Our title bar at Rocky Arts Unfolded. It's the origami place!

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Thank you for participating
in the museum online exhibitor survey!

Our aim is to present origami art in a museum environment.

Submit Additional Materials

For the proposed website, eventually to become a museum called "It's the Origami Place", we ask for images. Please email the below images at LBCorfman@comcast.net.

  • An image depicting yourself or other self illustrating imagery to accompany your name, country and biography.
  • Model image(s) where you are both the designer and folders to place in your webpage; there your web presence will be viewable. The image title(s) should be the name of the model(s) with the artist statement accompaning each.

Please note that by participating you certify that you are both the designer and creator of the model(s) and hold the website designer harmless. Personal information such as address, email and phone will NOT be published.

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