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Goldfish Art Project

The project, granted by the Maynard, MA Cultural Council includes...

  • 6 murals each illustrating a verse of the origami Goldfish Song,
  • Copper origami butterfly contributions and
  • Musical renditions,

These all connected to the origami Goldfish Song. The project will be unveiled at the reception on August 26, 2018, 2-4pm at 7 Mill & Main, Maynard, MA.


The Commons
7 Mill & Main
Maynard, MA 01754


Whole space
Whole Space
3 panels
3 Panels

Open Calls

Mural Painting and Music Publishing details calls are here.


The reception will be an open mic, with food, a folding table, and a small selection of origami grant project item for sale, all celebrating the Goldfish Art Project.

The grant project features a song about a green origami goldfish, musical renditions (Open call 1), song painting (Open call 2), this including 6 murals, a verse on each mural illustrating one of the 6 Goldfish Art song verses and copper butterfly hung by verse words folded by the community.

Featured on each mural will be the project’s:

So join us as we hear the story, enjoy the art and listen and/or play music and fold for keeps.


For the Goldfish Art Project Grant...

The Maynard Cultural Council Grant Program
Timothy Hess (Chair), Brett Matison (Co-Chair), John Houchin (Clerk), Gail Irwin (Treasurer), Erik Hansen (Member), Molly Bergin), Jeffrey Swanberg (Member)

Organizations that Supported Copper Butterfly Folding
Maynard Space Maynard, OrigamiUSA, The Hearing Room, Rocky Arts Unfolded.

Goldfish Art Grant Copper Butterfly Folders
9 Anonymous, Mary Alleca (Wailuku, HI), Daniel Cohen (Huntington, NY), Lisa B. Corfman (Maynard, MA), Lorraine Costa (Hewlett, NY), Priscilla Cotter (Maynard, MA), Tommy & Mommy Darnow (Frisco, CO), David Einheber (Minneapolis, MN), Peter Fein (Stow, MA), Laura Fredericks (Maynard, MA), Ben Fritzson (Philadelphia, PA), Uttam Girandhi, dedicated to Maanya (Brooklyn, NY), Caelin Graber (Westford, MA), Tracy Harbaugh (Kingston, PA), Lisa Heffley (Maynard, MA) Claudia Hill (Cambridge, MA), Marc Kirschenbaum (NYC, NY), Viknesh Krishnan (Ann Arbor, MI), Emily Kushner (Berkeley Heights, NJ), Cliff Landesman (Brooklyn, NY), Carole McNamee (Sudbury, MA), Mei-Lin Po (Framingham, MA), Jacquie Rodgers (Maynard, MA), Jonathan R. (Brockton, MA), Fran Sharp (Maynard, MA), Gary Shay (Wailuku, HI), Kelly Tan (Los Altos, CA) Namile Uyemoto (CA), Carolyn Vesper, in memory of Robert Sutliff (Silver Spring, MD), Julie Weinstein (Sudbury, MA), Sophia Y. (Somerville, MA), Guoguo Y (Winchester, MA, age 8), Drew (Jupiter, FL)

Mural Contributors
1 Anonymous, Lisa B. Corfman (Project Oversight), Mei-Lin Po (Composition specialist)

Lisa B. Corfman and Peter Fein (Co-Authors of song), Jaymes Leavitt (Jazz music), many yet to come.

The Commons at 7 Mill & Main
Lincoln Property Company
2 Mill & Main Place
Maynard, MA 01754

I look forward to sharing this origami goldfish project with you. You and your friends are invited to all the events!

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