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Goldfish Art Grant Project

I am announcing the origami Goldfish Art project, granted by the Maynard, MA Cultural Council with many elements to complete by August 2018.

It will include a 6 panel mural, each illustrating a verse of the origami Goldfish Song! The words to the song will be painted on the murals. Adhered in an environmentally freely manner, copper butterflies will surround the words on the panels (Call 1). Audio versions of the song will be put on our YouTube channel (Call 2). Between May and July 2018 the murals will be painted. Then there will be a reception in August 2018, date TDB.


7 Clock Tower Place in the smoker’s section called the Commons.


Whole space
Whole Space
3 panels
3 Panels


  • Make butterflies out of copper sheets: January-April 2018
  • Recording/receiving song remixes: March-May 2018
  • Mural making: May-July 2018
  • YouTube song channel deadline: June 2018
  • Adhere butterflies: July 2018
  • Reception: August 2018

Schedule details

  • Copper Butterfly Making: I will make and teach about 50-100 origami copper butterflies. They are simple and I have made them before.
  • Song Remix Recording: We will have a YouTube channel with different (remix) versions of the Goldfish Song. The link will be painted onto the murals. This is a Call for Goldfish Song remixes!
  • Mural: This mural uses 6 existing red panels, each about 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall. They will each illustrating a verse of the Goldfish Song’s 6 verses. Each panel will have a verse written in paint and a music link.
  • Music Availability: There will web link painted upon the mural(s) to hear the Goldfish Song versions on YouTube.
  • Butterfly Mounting: Copper butterflies will be sporadically hung in the upper part where the mural’s words are.
  • Reception: We will gather and celebrate at a brief reception in August 2018.

Open Calls

Copper Folding and Music Publishing details calls are here.

I look forward to sharing this origami goldfish project with you. You and your friends are invited to all the events!

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