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Origami Books & CDs

Our greatest writing specialty is poetry speaking of origami. An audio CD of the poetry recordings is available. We also have short stories on the origami and model topics. An intriguing, all inclusive book centering on origami elements and covering our collection of work is in our future!

Origami Spans Mixed Media:

Hand-Drawn Diagrams, Charcoal Drawings & Poems About the Models

I make art about art, about art! I fold origami models, make charcoal drawings of the models, write poetry about these drawings and finally diagram the folding instructions for each of the origami models. This collection features 11 sections (ex: Pets, Apparel) and showcases 77 origami models. Each section will begin with a title poem highlighting all models in the section and representational hand-drawn images of the models. Discover within each section, spreads with art about art, about origami! See more here.

Origami Who's Who

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Wall Calendars

The Wall Calendar is a project that started with the 2006 calendar and concluded for a moment with the 2012 calendar. We have a selection of these historic collections. Now, the calendar project is back stronger than ever and all editions are viewable here. More details can be found via the Kickstarter PRO Origami Calendar Project as shown here. Front cover of the 2015 Calendar

Origami Portrayals Film

Potential disk imageOur potential synopsis: Artistic Portrayals of Origami is depicted whimsically by Lisa B. Corfman and will acquaint you with the Japanese art of folded paper called Origami. With 12 folded origami models, corresponding poetry narration and visualization accompanied by unique charcoal drawings of origami (C of O), and like-minded colorful paintings representing origami (PROs), it is sure to be a fun watch. It even teaches you how to fold the 12 different origami models, and explores the making of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). Meet and hear from origami artists whose essence is captured within the show. You are sure to unfold the ugly and refold the beauty!

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