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Starter Healing Kit: 1000 Projects

The Starter Healing Kit evolves around the magical 1000 cranes, and will celebrate 1000 individuals. The kit is a great, charitable, fun-filled activity set for age 8+ and each kit includes 25 hand-folded cranes, 2 pieces of floral wire, 2 beads, 3 paint colors, a paint brush, crane folding diagrams and the assembly instructions for your fantastic painted chain of cranes -- for your perfect healing cause.

The Project Base

In 2008, Lisa made a 10 year plan. She decised to fold healing cranes, but not just one, or even twenty-five, but 25,000! Why? To make 1000 Starter Healing Kits, and with each kit comes a gift of 25 cranes. The purpose of these gifts must be powerful, and folding 25,000 crane out of rigid index cards is a powerful idea.

Accepting Ideas

Upon crane completion, the project launch will be March 25, 2018 - We will not announce our decisions until then! But we want to be flooded with ideas, so send your thoughts here.

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