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Origami Models

Wild Animals

American Jumping Frog origami model
American Jumping Frog #11
Pig origami model
Pig #13
Sitting fox origami model
Sitting Fox #14
Akira Yoshizawa
Pig Thumb Puppet origami model
Cool Thumb Puppet #18
Elephantis Abstractum origami model
Elephantis Abstractum #26
Robert Neale
Toro the bull origami model
Toro The Bull #34
Laughing Hyena origami model
Laughing Hyena #40
Jeff Cole
Panda origami model
Panda #42
Anita Barbour

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Pets, Sealife, Bird & Bats, Wild Animals, Insects, Apparel, Vehicles of Travel, that of Mother Nature, Human-Made, Symbolic Works and Holiday Themes.

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