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Keepsake Cranes
Ornamental with Paper & Plastic

The Keepsake Crane is a beautiful floral decoration or placecard with cultural Japanese and Jewish significance as a crane with a stone enclosed. In Asia, a crane stands for peace, healing and long-life, and in Judaism this item will help you hold onto someone or something in a peaceful way forever, given a natural rock can placed on a grave and has permanence.

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Keepsake Crane Variety

Red Shining Crane of Remembrance
Rainbow choices of cranes of remembrance
Entire Rainbow
Plastic Cranes with Mini-Stand
Paper Crane Variety
Paper Crane Variety with Mini-Stands
Single Paper Crane Close-Up
Single Paper Crane Close-Up


Resting crane of remembrance with the word Family on one wing
Crane of remembrance in vase with a name on the right wing
In Vase

The Keepsake Crane can be paper or plastic centerpiece of name card and memorializes something special since it contains a stone. It has cultural Japanese and Jewish significance. In Asia, a crane stands for peace, healing and long-life. In Judaism stones are placed on gravestones to remember the deceased as an item of permanence, symbolizing forever, peacefully and naturally.

The Plastic Keepsake Crane can be the uplifting centerpiece on a table, or placed in the garden perhaps by love to a beloved one's stone. In plastic, it comes with the shimmery plastic crane (with 4 inch long wings) in your color choice, a river stone, a short poem, and optionally is available with a polymer clay-coated wooden post or mini stand).

The Paper version may designate table seating for each guest at a festive event. It can be an ornament or rest on a table with a mini-stand. Please enjoy holding onto life with this origami crane, whether a gift for the remembered, in celebration or for everyday cheer.

The story behind this piece: It was born upon the loss of Lisa's Grandpa Joe and commemorates his symbolic 100 years of Jewish life. A speech was also written for the burial ceremony and is simply called The Resting Prayer, which accompanies the durable plastic Keepsake Crane.

A Symbol of Inspiration

-- In Memory of my Cousins, the Steinberg's in Hiroshima, Japan at the Children's Peace Park --

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