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Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards in sleeves made by Lisa B. Corfman

Rules and Fun Facts

Artist Trading Cards are often referred to as ATCs. An Artist Trading Card (ATC) is a miniature work of art that fits into a baseball card sleeve. Trading cards have evolved to help artists connect with each other using small scale samples of their artwork. There are few rules overall, but all ATCs must be the size of traditional trading cards (2½ in. by 3½ in.) and handmade (not mass-producible). Series are commonly numbered and may consist of as many as the artist is willing to put the effort into making. Within a series, cards may all have the same design or explore variations on a central idea. ATCs may have three-dimensional elements but still must fit into sleeves made for traditional trading cards. Swaps are often organized among small groups of artists. Each swap usually has a theme (such as clowns or sea life) and/or imposes additional rules, such as restrictions on colors or materials. The participants create cards specifically for the swap. In general, ATCs should always be traded, never sold.


Swap to receive, but not these!

Meri Affranchino

First ATC by Meri Affranchino
Second ATC by Meri Affranchhino

Nathan Ascher

First ATC by Nathan Ascher
Second ATC by Nathan Ascher
Third ATC by Nathan Ascher

Marcela Brina


First ATC by Marcela Brina

Elizabeth "Bitsy" Cherry

Elizabeth "Bitsy" Cherry is a self-taught origami artist in Upstate New York. She has been folding paper since she first got her little fingers on a sheet. She discovered the art of origami at the age of 10 in an import shop in Santa Clara, CA. She enjoys learning and teaching origami. Her current passion is modular forms, especially based on the Sonobe unit. She is also starting to learn about tessellations. She can be contacted at bitsy00005@gmail.com.

First ATC by Bitsy

Lisa B. Corfman

As a flat origami model enthusiast, ATCs are perfect for me. I like to try out many mixed-media outlets, connect them to origami and be recognized and appreciated. The swap provides me with a creative, personal connection to new friends. I hope my cards inspire you to join a swap!

First ATC by Lisa Corfman
Second ATC by Lisa Corfman
Third ATC by Lisa Corfman
Fourth ATC by Lisa Corfman
Fifth ATC by Lisa Corfman
Sixth ATC by Lisa Corfman
Seventh ATC by Lisa Corfman
Eighth ATC by Lisa Corfman
Ninth ATC by Lisa Corfman
Tenth ATC by Lisa Corfman
Eleventh ATC by Lisa Corfman
Twelveth ATC by Lisa Corfman

Lus Fleming de Pessoa

First ATC by Lus Fleming de Pessoa
Second ATC by Lus Fleming de Pessoa
Third ATC by Lus Fleming de Pessoa

Shelley Handen

First ATC by Shelley Handen
Second ATC by Shelley Handen
Third ATC by Shelley Handen
Fourth ATC by Shelley Handen
Fifth ATC by Shelley Handen
Sixth ATC by Shelley Handen
Seventh ATC by Shelley Handen
Eighth ATC by Shelley Handen
Ninth ATC by Shelley Handen
Tenth ATC by Shelley Handen
Eleventh ATC by Shelley Handen
Twelveth ATC by Shelley Handen
Thirteenth ATC by Shelley Handen

Kathy Knapp

I enjoy origami and in Girl Scouts we trade SWAPS (small meaningful items that are hand made). I like to collect things, and traded ATC's accomplish notebooks of sets of ATC's. Almost all of the ones I have, have been traded through the mail, rather than in person. I prefer person to person trading, however, snail mail allows for trading that is also special.

First ATC by Kathy Knapp
Book Cover
Second ATC by Kathy Knapp
Pages 1-2
Third ATC by Kathy Knapp
Pages 3-4
Fourth ATC by Kathy Knapp
Pages 5-6
Fifth ATC by Kathy Knapp
Book Unfolded
Sixth ATC by Kathy Knapp
Seventh ATC by Kathy Knapp
Eighth ATC by Kathy Knapp
Ninth ATC by Kathy Knapp
Tenth ATC by Kathy Knapp
Eleventh ATC by Kathy Knapp
Twelveth ATC by Kathy Knapp
Thirteenth ATC by Kathy Knapp
Fourteenth ATC by Kathy Knapp

Giulaine Mendes


First ATC by Giulaine Mendes

Madeline Read

First ATC by Madeline Read
Second ATC by Madeline Read
Third ATC by Madeline Read
Fourth ATC by Madeline Read
Fifth ATC by Madeline Read
Sixth ATC by Madeline Read
Seven ATC by Madeline Read
Eighth ATC by Madeline Read
Ninth ATC by Madeline Read
Tenth ATC by Madeline Read
Eleveth ATC by Madeline Read
Twelveth ATC by Madeline Read
Thirteenth ATC by Madeline Read

Marc Sky


First ATC by Marc Sky

Leyla Torres

I have participated in origami ATC exchanges because it combines several things that are meaningful to me: origami, small-format artwork, play, barter, and the opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests. www.OrigamiSpirit.com

First ATC by Leyla Torres

Margaret Wong

I love ATCs because they are little works of art "Miniature Masterpieces" It's not the same as having a postcard or a print of a famous painting. Origami ATCs are special in that they are dimensional, they have texture, an added sense of enjoyment. I love origami ATCs because you don't have to have great artistic ability, just paper and a willingness to try.

First ATC by Margaret Wong
Second ATC by Margaret Wong
Third ATC by Margaret Wong
Fourth ATC by Margaret Wong
Fifth ATC by Margaret Wong
Sixth ATC by Margaret Wong
Seventh ATC by Margaret Wong
Eighth ATC by Margaret Wong
Ninth ATC by Margaret Wong

Linda Yau

ATC’s are an aspect of origami that I fell into from the recommendations of friends. Since my first trade, I have been hooked, since I love the idea of trading and receiving trading cards. I have been doing origami on and off since I was young. I like to make modulars. If interested, I can be reached at animemiz@gmail.com.

First ATC by Linda Yau

As we proudly open ATC Swaps to the public, you can learn about participation here.
We hope you enjoyed the Artist Trading Card (ATC) gallery!

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